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Guardian Angels
Light art to arouse contemplation
Text: Alison Ritter

The Guardian Angels light art installation uses coloured watering cans suspended over a flowerbed or lawn with optical fibres simulating flowing water. After dark they light up. The installation echoes the preservation of gardens and plants and, by extension, of nature. It highlights the role of the human and is a way of paying tribute to gardeners and landscaped areas designed to delight.
Unexpected and surprising as they are, these guardian angels – watering lanterns in effect – stop and challenge passers-by. They bring a smile to people’s faces and encourage contemplation within a landscape.
The visual artists who created this piece, Maro Avrabou and Dimitri Xenakis, combine their multidisciplinary backgrounds to create projects of all kinds that deal with urban and natural landscape. They live in France and work in Europe, Asia, and South America.
The two collaborate on works that question living spaces, points of view, forms and light. Their installations, often monumental in size, are a dialogue with the sites, their morphology, their history, their identity.
The Guardian Angels installation has been shown or is installed in: Fururoscope Park, Poitiers/F (2012 to 2014), Neuilly sur Seine/F (2013 to 2014), Light in Jerusalem/IL (2013) and Lumina Festival da Luz in Cascais/P (2013).


守护天 使光艺术装置使用彩色在花圃浇水罐暂停或草坪与光纤模拟流水。天黑之后他们照亮。安装回 声花园和植物的保护,自然的扩展。强调人类的作用,是一种 园丁表示敬意和景观设计领域所喜悦。
意外和惊讶,这些守护天使——实际上浇水灯笼——路人停下来的挑战。他们带 给人们的脸上一个微笑和鼓励沉思中的风景。
视觉艺 术家创造了这一块,马络Avrabou迪米特里Xenakis,结合多 学科背景创建各种项目,处理城市和自然景观。他们住 在法国和工作在欧洲,亚洲,南美洲。
两人合 作的作品问题生活空间,观点,形式和光。他们的安装,通常规模巨大,是一个对话的网站,他们的形态,他们的历史,他们的身份。

守护天 使的安装已被证明或安装:Fururoscope公园,普瓦捷/ F(2012 - 2014),纳伊苏尔塞纳河/ F(2013 - 2014),光在耶路撒冷/ IL(2013)和腔节日da Luz Cascais / P(2013)。