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当你接近晶体时,晶体的 光照亮你联系他们。人们可 以玩和分享他们的故事。

艺术家Daan Roosegaarde称之为“乐高从火星”。这个名 字不仅指其未来派风格的设计,但也玩无尽的潜力。水晶之 前已经表现出在阿姆斯特丹、巴黎、莫斯科 和现在永久在埃因霍温问。

每个晶体包含led无线充电通过磁层。一旦游客开始添加、移动或分享晶体,晶体的 基本呼吸的变化。晶体的照明行为从“兴奋”,“无聊”,让游客好奇。

未来几 年不同的晶体形状和颜色就和高科技公司一起开发和文化机构。水晶继续增长。

规格:   2012 - 2018。数以百计的无线LED岩石黑人权力垫(变量大小)。

客户:   自我工作室Roosegaarde委托。首映在野餐,眼睛博 物馆阿姆斯特丹。  永久安装在Natlab Light-S。对公众开放,晚上在埃因霍温Kastanjelaan 500年,荷兰。

CRYSTAL are hundreds of crystals of light which brighten when you touch them. People can play and share their stories of light. 

Artist Daan Roosegaarde calls them “Lego from Mars”. The name refers not only to its futuristic design, but also to its endless potential to play. CRYSTAL has been previously exhibited in Amsterdam, Paris, Moscow and is now permanent in Eindhoven NL.

Each Crystal contains LEDs that are wirelessly charged via a magnetic floor. Once visitors start adding, moving or sharing Crystals, the basic breathing of the Crystals changes. The lighting behavior of crystals moves from ‘excited’ to ‘bored’, keeping visitors curious. 

The coming years different Crystal shapes and colours will be developed together with high-tech companies and cultural organisations. CRYSTAL keeps on growing.

2012-2018. Hundreds of wireless LED rocks (variable sizes) on a black power mat. 

Self commissioned by Studio Roosegaarde. Premiere at PICNIC, EYE Museum Amsterdam. 

Permanent installation for Light-S at Natlab. Open for public at night at Kastanjelaan 500 in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

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